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SLC Mesh Dress Drawstring Chrochet is a short strapless dress, with a high quality crochet dress over. Because it’s mesh it fits perfectly to give your avi a “real” look.

The trench coat is a fashion classic …

Probably the most famous trench coat is clearly carrier Hollywood Humphrey Bogart. After he wore the trench in Casablanca, the British coat beyond the movie screen was acceptable. When in 1961, moreover, even Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” the trenchcoat some of her personal style, made of tightly laced coat moved with the epaulettes also in the women’s fashion world.
The modern trench coat buttoned still double row, has sleeves, starting right at the neckline, and. A second layer of fabric over the shoulders at the back and chest flaps
Whether casual, elegant, sporty or glamorous – the trench coat is suitable for any occasion. You also support a trenchcoat, the fantastic can be combined with different outfits.

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