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For colder days and hot nights

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Today’s Style. Duffle coat. It never goes out of fashion and warms us on cold autumn days – the duffle coat!

The duffle coat for women in London tradition with hood, the classic leather caps and horn buttons.
A duffle coat is for any occasion and a Must-Have.

Shop inworld / Marketplace

You need a mesh compatible viewer.
Comes in 5 sizes, clothes and alpha layer.

For phoenix user I have included alphalayers with heels and boots.

Today, a pinafore dress with sexy side slits, front shorter than the back, made ​​of finely patterned fabric and available in 5 colors.

While we deliver also alpha layer, you can wear this outfit in the appropriate size but also without alpha layer. It moves wonderfully with your body.

As accessories we put this: Thong, stockings with lace top and earrings and a necklace.  Shop inworld / Marketplace

New VIP offer and group gift

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The  ~  N E W ~ SLC Special VIP Offer for amazing ╚» 99 L$ «╝ is called

♥•✿  Gown GLORIA black ♥•✿                                   Get it here

Other colors are available for 399 LD !!!

♥ GLORIA ♥ – an exclusive gown made of pretty soft brocade and printed with unobtrusive roses. The corsage has a wonderful V-neckline décolléte, framed with filigree lace and  a low-cut corded back; the long sleeves were decorated with flimsy cuffs and a white seam; the multilayered wide skirt has white borders, too. This indescribably gown will be yours for only ╚» 99 L$ «╝.

SLC – Group Gift August

Here comes your SLC Group Gift for August = a sexy  ✴✴black-white dress✴✴ = top with spaghetti straps, your cleavage is patterned with a charming flower tendril seam; a cute bow is arranged between your  breast. A longer doll with likewise a wide tendril border and a feathery lace bottom  complete this enchanting dress.

NEW SLC – 48 h – OFFER

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Dress ❖ Sweetest

❖ in 5 charming colors — for only 89 LD — patterned with darker & lighter little flimsy blossoms. The top has one sleeve with a bias-cut (diagonal) frill around the cleavage. The dreamy skirt has a  widish white lace border. ❖ Sweetest ❖ the pleasantly different dress with a romantic touch for 89 LD.

Get it here

S L C – Sixty Linden-Weekends

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•✿❤✿• Layered Dress •✿❤✿•

in 3 different sweet designs (Fleurs – light blue, Roses – flimsy pink & Poppy – shiny red), corsage with uni colored bow and multilayered doll

SLC Mainstore

•¤**¤• S L C – L O W for 79 LD •¤**¤•

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=  Jeans & Top WINONA =

in 3 cheerful colors, black jeans with silver belt and top with one sleeve, with quillings on bottom and diagonal on cute neckline


SLC New Releases and Weekend Offers

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Dear V.I.P. Group friends of unrivaled fashion &
Hello SLC Fashion Lovers,

•¤**¤•    S L C – L O W  for 99 LD   •¤**¤•  =  Y A R A   is an exquisite gown – or without the volances a stylish cocktail dress  – in the elegant colors black, purple and red, each with transparent black lace on the left part of your well shaped breast and long gloves. The skirt is decorated with wide valances which ranges diagonally from the tigh to the bottom.

Buy it online

•✿❤✿•  S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS (only 60 LD) •✿❤✿•
Jeans Dress in 4 various colors, attractiv cleavage – only closed with 4 buttons, with decorative stitchings on breast, bottom and around the neckline, with collar, skirt prim and belt, which is decorated with small leather straps. A N D dont forget the matching heels which are included in the price of only 60 LD.

SLC Mainstore

(¯`·.·´¯)                                                      (¯`·.·´¯)
`·.¸.·´      New SLC- Group Gift June      `·.¸.·´

Here is your SLC Group Gift for June = It is the right foretaste of summer = sexy blue jeans shorts with a dazzling yellow corsage for enjoying the coming hot weeks.

SLC – Sixty Linden Weekends

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*SLC* Pumps Flower in 4 colors – 60 Linden Weekend Offer

Michelle is a complete styling for those of you who would rather play at the beach or club rather than in your closet. It comes with a flowered bandeau top wand includes some very cute sandals with prim feet as well as jewelry in the theme of the flowers on the sandals.

Low Letter Offer-only 99 L$ until next friday
A big ty to Chic Aeon for the cute picture:-)

SLC Weekend Offers

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•¤**¤•  S L C – L O W  for 99 LD •¤**¤•  =  ROSANNA =  in black, lilac or red is an enchanting dress in design of the 60s, accentuate your slim waist with a high-waisted petticoat-skirt, decorated with a long selvedge and bow on back, –  !! 3  !! – sleeveless tops with neckholder in solid, sheer & *** hot *** super sheer and 2 styles of panties

SLC Mainstore

•✿❤✿•  S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS (only 60 LD) •✿❤✿•   A • skirt design • in a very nifty style and various colors. The mini-skirt in plaid fabric is bias-cut (one side is longer than the other). The black belt with silver buckle is slant arranged, too and decorated with a large cross pendant.


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♬  SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS ♬  Dress Lucretia = only 60 LD for a sweet & cute dress in lively spring colors blue, lilac or red, which cheer you up; a corsage with bright little blossoms and multilayered flimsy doll

Get it here

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