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SLC New Releases & Special Offer 12th August 2011

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•¤**¤•    SLC – LOW for 89 LD (Friday – Sunday)    •¤**¤•

SLC Mainstore

“SPORTS” in 3 cool colors with a lot of possibilities to combine as you like.
The content of  “SPORTS”  =
~ peaked cap with imprint “sexy”
~ hoodie
~ jacket with long sleeves and cuffs
~ tanktop
~ trousers with cuffs
~ hot pants
So much parts to mix and match to look  ¤•¤  sporty  A N D  sexy  ¤•¤  for only 89 LD !!!

• C A M O •  is the new  S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS, only Friday until Sunday, in 3 fasciated camouflage colors (green, pink or black), a sexy top in bikini style with exciting ripped parts, hot pants with belt and matching short gloves. • C A M O •  FOR JUST == 60 LD ==.

SLC Mainstore

♥•✿   Isabella  red  ✿•♥  is the charming  gown for our SLC VIP members for well-prized  ╚»  99 LD  «╝  (only a short time).

The exciting transparent corsage with a low-cut back covers only the ♥ important places ♥ with flimsy lace flowers.
The wide shiny long skirt replicates the lace flowers on the bottom.
Elegant & stylish long  lace gloves complements ♥•✿  Isabella red  ✿•♥ perfectly.

SLC Mainstore

SLC New Releases & Special Offer

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•¤**¤•    S L C – L O W  for 89 LD   •¤**¤•  =  F R E S H = You can wear “FRESH” as a complete sporty outfit in 4 different colors for playing tennis or a lazy weekend with your friends on the beach or …… The hot top with a little imprint on your left breast, the sexy hot pants with 2 small pockets on backside and the comfortable white sneakers with black laces promises a lot of fun for many opportunities for only 89 LD.

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S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS (only 60 LD) •✿❤✿•  Dress Lulee  •✿❤✿• in 3 various gleamy colors (black, pink or red) like velvet, with attractive cleavage, little sleeves, fancy top with black bow  and pleated skirt. With some adequate accessories is “Lulee” for 60 LD   t h e stylish elegant dress for your next party.

SLC New Releases and Offers

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S L C – Sixty Linden-Weekends (60 LD)  •✿❤✿•  Hot Summer  •✿❤✿• hot dark blue jeans shorts, very short shirt in 3 various colors with white imprint, matching sexy lace thong, 2 different bracelets in silver-gray and  sizeable sun glasses for a cool look.


*•.♥.•*  S L C Couture – L O W  for 89 LD = gown AMORE = a design of timeless elegance in 5 stylished shiny colors, with very sexy lengthwise oval plunging neckline and a long corded back side, the right hip is decorated with a floral bow. *•.♥.•*

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