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SLC New VIP Offer

Posted in Christmas, Gowns, SLC Couture, SLC VIP Group with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on December 28, 2011 by Serina Lacava

♥  A L I S E  ♥ – a stylish & classy gown in 6 bright colors. The corsage has a cute transparent net lace décolléte and a darker colored border with a tied bow. The multi-ply skirt is designed with a flimsy eyelet embroidery. This swinging gown ♥  A L I S E  ♥ is a wonderful dress for the very remarkable prize ╚» 99 L$ «╝.


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SLC new VIP Offer

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Find your cocktail, graduation, prom dress and inexpensive ball gowns. …
There are times when you may want to look naughty, and there are times when you want to be glamorous — the sexy evening gown fashions below will give you the best of both worlds… elegant and seductive!

❀ SLC Couture Gown Sexy In Lace purple ❀
stylish, sexy … clothed and yet you see your body … delicate lace surrounds your skin … This dress will attract all eyes on you. It comes with all the layers, skirt, thong and top in 2 versions: one solid and one naughty.

SLC New VIP Offer

Posted in SLC VIP Group with tags , , , , , on June 27, 2011 by Serina Lacava

Dear  S L C – VIP group friend of unrivaled fashion,

From today we have a ~  N E W ~ Special VIP Offer  in flimsy BLUE
(others colours available at the SLC Couture Room for L$ 299,-)

❀ SLC Couture Gown FLOWER blue ❀

top with one strap of dark blue flowers, framed with white. This flowers are continued until your stomach, on back and on bottom, too. The beauty of this gown is the added transparent skirt-wrapping with the retry design of these wonderful flowers. And – as always – for our VIP group members you can buy this exclusive “Gown Flower” for only 99 LD.

Get it now

VIP group offer SLC Gown Calana gold

Posted in Gowns, SLC VIP Group with tags , , , , , , , , on April 13, 2011 by Serina Lacava

Special Offer  only for = SLC VIP Group =  ❀  gown CALANA  ❀, in the bright color GOLD – corsage (upper part) and gloves are light patterned with flimsy lace, the long skirt has several little transparent  underskirts). This exlusive gown costs only 99 LD for group members, other colors = 499 LD !!!


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