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Posted in Dresses, Fashion for women, SLC Couture, Special offer with tags , , , , , , , on January 4, 2012 by Serina Lacava

N E W   Special Offer  only for == SLC VIP Group ==  Let seduce you to wear this exciting ◊ Gown Petal Luisana black ◊  for only 99 LD; corsage & fingerless gloves are decorated with slightly transparent shiny silver lace flowers; the long skirt in airy lightness has a high leg opening and looks like soft flowing rose petal. The flimsy stocking on the left side and the long pant leg on the right side complete this exclusive ◊ Gown Petal Luisana ◊. Further colors are available for 99 LD, too.

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New VIP Group Gift  (One Time Fee L$ 99,-)

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