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An outfit for to enjoy the lightness of being and the wonderful life.

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Today we have tailored for you a beautiful, airy blouse and a matching airy sexy mini skirt.
The blouse has a low-cut neckline, a banded collar with decorative buttons and long sleeves that can be worn casually rolled up. It is closed with 4 buttons in front, but their lower ends stick out and allow air and sun on your belly. We have a spare button sewn and there also a decorative button on the left and right sleeves. Available in 8 colors and patterns.
These exciting and sexy mesh blouses move wonderfully with your body.

Banner SLC Mesh Airy Blouse1
Also we have sewn a breezy mini skirt, which is held by two leather side buckles. It is extremely short – but do not worry: no one can look underneath your skirt. Available in 7 colours and to wear with matching colour to the blouses or to be combined with different blouses:

Banner SLC Mesh Airy Miniskirt1
We deliver even several alpha layers which you can use as needed.
Get them at a bargain prices: The beautiful blouses available in 8 colours and matching mini skirt in 7 colours for a short time at a special price of only L$ 60 each.



SLC Weekend Offer

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SLC Mesh Dress Drawstring Chrochet is a short strapless dress, with a high quality crochet dress over. Because it’s mesh it fits perfectly to give your avi a “real” look.

The trench coat is a fashion classic …

Probably the most famous trench coat is clearly carrier Hollywood Humphrey Bogart. After he wore the trench in Casablanca, the British coat beyond the movie screen was acceptable. When in 1961, moreover, even Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” the trenchcoat some of her personal style, made of tightly laced coat moved with the epaulettes also in the women’s fashion world.
The modern trench coat buttoned still double row, has sleeves, starting right at the neckline, and. A second layer of fabric over the shoulders at the back and chest flaps
Whether casual, elegant, sporty or glamorous – the trench coat is suitable for any occasion. You also support a trenchcoat, the fantastic can be combined with different outfits.

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Fashion Place Christmas Hunt

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We are close to Christmas !!!

All Stores at Fashion Place are starting a Fashion Place Christmas Hunt;-)

There will be hidden 11 sacks on the SIM with gifts inside.  StartLocation
There are some samples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everybody is invited to join the hunt. Have fun while searching!

Serina Lacava
Jumpi Viertz
and all others store owners:-)

SLC New Releases & Special Offer 22th July 2011

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•¤**¤•    SLC – LOW for 79 LD (Friday – Sunday)    •¤**¤•  =  “Dress Benevolent” in 3 charming colors  =  the pleated, little bit longer skirt with matching belt has a pattern of small shaded flowers. “Dress Benevolent’s” white flimsy sleeveless  blouse shows a wonderful V-neckline with a higher wavy collar which accentuate your sexy  bust size and is decorated with a bow in skirt-design ~ only 79 LD.

SLC Mainstore

•✿❤✿•  Dress Zahira   •✿❤✿•  is the new S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS (simply 60 LD), only Friday until Sunday.  ❤  Zahira  ❤  is designed in 3 bright colors (purple, blue or pink). The airy top without sleeves but with a fancy collar and the cushy skirt with white belt are designed with mellow tendrillars, ZAHIRA FOR JUST 60 LD.

SLC Mainstore

SLC Weekend Offers

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•¤**¤•  S L C – L O W  for 99 LD •¤**¤•  =  ROSANNA =  in black, lilac or red is an enchanting dress in design of the 60s, accentuate your slim waist with a high-waisted petticoat-skirt, decorated with a long selvedge and bow on back, –  !! 3  !! – sleeveless tops with neckholder in solid, sheer & *** hot *** super sheer and 2 styles of panties

SLC Mainstore

•✿❤✿•  S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS (only 60 LD) •✿❤✿•   A • skirt design • in a very nifty style and various colors. The mini-skirt in plaid fabric is bias-cut (one side is longer than the other). The black belt with silver buckle is slant arranged, too and decorated with a large cross pendant.


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Hello to all visitors of the Fashion Place…

we invites you to our VALENTINES DAY HUNT

…Be my valentine….

The hunt is from 07.-14. February.

You ´ll find a gift in all of the shops at the Fashion Place.               Starting Point

But what is the Fashion Place?

After a rebuild you are able to visit a few designershops here:

SLC – Serina Lacava
TrendStyle- Emeliy Auer
!Right Fashion- Chris Lodenwald
Bodyshop – Jumpi  Viertz
Robs Store – Robby Farella
TC-Time4Fashion- Tom Cosmos
Extreme Bodywear – Denise Pro
Abia Capalini Design – Abia Capalini

Join our group to get more information about hunts, sales or contests in the future…

The designers of the Fashion Place

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