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An outfit for to enjoy the lightness of being and the wonderful life.

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Today we have tailored for you a beautiful, airy blouse and a matching airy sexy mini skirt.
The blouse has a low-cut neckline, a banded collar with decorative buttons and long sleeves that can be worn casually rolled up. It is closed with 4 buttons in front, but their lower ends stick out and allow air and sun on your belly. We have a spare button sewn and there also a decorative button on the left and right sleeves. Available in 8 colors and patterns.
These exciting and sexy mesh blouses move wonderfully with your body.

Banner SLC Mesh Airy Blouse1
Also we have sewn a breezy mini skirt, which is held by two leather side buckles. It is extremely short – but do not worry: no one can look underneath your skirt. Available in 7 colours and to wear with matching colour to the blouses or to be combined with different blouses:

Banner SLC Mesh Airy Miniskirt1
We deliver even several alpha layers which you can use as needed.
Get them at a bargain prices: The beautiful blouses available in 8 colours and matching mini skirt in 7 colours for a short time at a special price of only L$ 60 each.



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