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SLC New Releases, Gifts and more

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N E W   Special Offer  only for == SLC VIP Group ==  Let seduce you to wear this exciting ◊ Gown Petal Luisana black ◊  for only 99 LD; corsage & fingerless gloves are decorated with slightly transparent shiny silver lace flowers; the long skirt in airy lightness has a high leg opening and looks like soft flowing rose petal. The flimsy stocking on the left side and the long pant leg on the right side complete this exclusive ◊ Gown Petal Luisana ◊. Further colors are available for 99 LD, too.

Get it here

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New VIP Group Gift  (One Time Fee L$ 99,-)

Monthly Subscripter gift:

SLC New VIP Offer

Posted in Christmas, Gowns, SLC Couture, SLC VIP Group with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on December 28, 2011 by Serina Lacava

♥  A L I S E  ♥ – a stylish & classy gown in 6 bright colors. The corsage has a cute transparent net lace décolléte and a darker colored border with a tied bow. The multi-ply skirt is designed with a flimsy eyelet embroidery. This swinging gown ♥  A L I S E  ♥ is a wonderful dress for the very remarkable prize ╚» 99 L$ «╝.


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SLC New Releases

Posted in 60 ld weekend, Dresses, Gowns, SLC Couture, SLC Fall/Winter, SLC VIP Group, Special offer with tags , , , on October 21, 2011 by Serina Lacava

*SLC* Babestorm – 60 Linden Weekend Offer

Boots:*SLC* Quilted Satin Boots (blue) – other colors at the store – Low Letter Offer-only 75 L$

NEW*SLC* Dress & Shirt Shirina (blue & red) – Boots incl. – other colors at the store –

NEW*SLC* Gown Kisha (blue & pink) – other colors at the store – blue is the New VIP Offer

NEW*SLC* Bridal Gown Kisha –

SLC New Releases & Special Offer 12th August 2011

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•¤**¤•    SLC – LOW for 89 LD (Friday – Sunday)    •¤**¤•

SLC Mainstore

“SPORTS” in 3 cool colors with a lot of possibilities to combine as you like.
The content of  “SPORTS”  =
~ peaked cap with imprint “sexy”
~ hoodie
~ jacket with long sleeves and cuffs
~ tanktop
~ trousers with cuffs
~ hot pants
So much parts to mix and match to look  ¤•¤  sporty  A N D  sexy  ¤•¤  for only 89 LD !!!

• C A M O •  is the new  S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS, only Friday until Sunday, in 3 fasciated camouflage colors (green, pink or black), a sexy top in bikini style with exciting ripped parts, hot pants with belt and matching short gloves. • C A M O •  FOR JUST == 60 LD ==.

SLC Mainstore

♥•✿   Isabella  red  ✿•♥  is the charming  gown for our SLC VIP members for well-prized  ╚»  99 LD  «╝  (only a short time).

The exciting transparent corsage with a low-cut back covers only the ♥ important places ♥ with flimsy lace flowers.
The wide shiny long skirt replicates the lace flowers on the bottom.
Elegant & stylish long  lace gloves complements ♥•✿  Isabella red  ✿•♥ perfectly.

SLC Mainstore

S L C – Couture = This enchanting Halter Dress

Posted in Dresses, SLC Couture, Special offer with tags , , , , , , , , , , on April 29, 2011 by Serina Lacava

ღ♥ღ    T I R I N A   ღ♥ღ

is an airy but elegant summer gown, which has a plunging V-neckline, patterned with lovesome different shaded grand blossoms on upper part and on bottom. The wide ribbon around the waist – decorated with a big bow – underline your slim attractive figure.

SLC Mainstore

SLC Couture Tanya for just L$ 99

Posted in Gowns, SLC Couture, Special offer with tags , , on January 22, 2011 by Serina Lacava

Because today I celebrate my 4th SL birthday, there is the SLC Couture Tanya for just  L$ 99.
*** ONLY 24 HOURS ***


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SLC Couture Bridal Gown Rae

Posted in SLC Couture, Wedding with tags , , , on January 16, 2011 by Serina Lacava

Wedding – the most beautiful thing in both worlds!!!

Use our SLC Couture Bridal Gown Rae  for your solemnity. It includes:
top, glitchpant, skirt, train, stockings, veil

Have a look, it is making a precious Queen of Hearts out of you and we are sure, you will get most attention while wearing it.

Get it here

Elegant ball gown – Offer L$ 99,-

Posted in Fashion for women, SLC Couture with tags , , , , , on November 6, 2010 by Serina Lacava

Find your cocktail, graduation, prom dress and inexpensive ball gowns. … There are times when you may want to look naughty, and there are times when you want to be glamorous — the sexy evening gown fashions below will give you the best of both worlds… elegant and seductive! Elegant, Beautiful and Grand.

Octavia is available in 3 colours and comes with dress (all layers), gloves
sizeable skirt, shoulder flower.

Until this week you will get the beautiful gown at the special price of L$ 99,- (later it wills cost L$ 499,-)


SLC Couture Emma

Posted in SLC Couture with tags , , , , , on October 13, 2010 by Serina Lacava

Dresses for the best prices, guaranteed!
Welcome, to the world of exquisite fashion wear available at discounts which would not only be lighter on your wallet but would also be a treat to your eyes …

SLC Couture Emma comes with:
top, glitchpant (all layers)
sizeable skirt & bow

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