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Winter is coming

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Belly free knitted sweater with jeans (no mesh) and boots. This sweater is not only soft and cuddly and warm but also most sexy.
While we deliver also  alpha layer, you can wear this sweater in the appropriate size but also without alpha layer. It moves wonderfully with your body.

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SLC Weekend Offer

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SLC Mesh Dress Drawstring Chrochet is a short strapless dress, with a high quality crochet dress over. Because it’s mesh it fits perfectly to give your avi a “real” look.

The trench coat is a fashion classic …

Probably the most famous trench coat is clearly carrier Hollywood Humphrey Bogart. After he wore the trench in Casablanca, the British coat beyond the movie screen was acceptable. When in 1961, moreover, even Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” the trenchcoat some of her personal style, made of tightly laced coat moved with the epaulettes also in the women’s fashion world.
The modern trench coat buttoned still double row, has sleeves, starting right at the neckline, and. A second layer of fabric over the shoulders at the back and chest flaps
Whether casual, elegant, sporty or glamorous – the trench coat is suitable for any occasion. You also support a trenchcoat, the fantastic can be combined with different outfits.

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New for your Fall Wardrobe

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As the days grow colder, we look forward to the new fall fashion.
Cold ears and gnashing of teeth? That must not be: with the snuggly warm and stylish trend especially parts of knitting you will be warm again.


SLC Mesh Knit Dress with Zipper comes with dress in 5 sizes,
nylons and bra (no mesh).

SLC Mesh Poncho Knit comes in 5 sizes and have a jeans (no mesh) and tattoo included


SLC Mesh Party Dress Dyana

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Dresses for the best prices, guaranteed!
Welcome, to the world of exquisite fashion wear available at discounts which would not only be lighter on your wallet but would also be a treat to your eyes …

SLC Mesh Party Dress Dyana comes in 2 patterns and several colours. Be quick and get it at the special price of L$ 60 this weekend only. Later it will cost L$ 199.

Your Taxi

You need a mesh compatible viewer.
Comes in 5 sizes and alphalayer.



SLC Mesh Sexy Lace Dress

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Our most sexy lace dress arrived,  to be worn without the annoying alpha layer but dessous  instead.
You will love the most sexy lace dress you’ve ever seen. Matching underwear included: Bra, garter, stockings with seam and lace.

Take care to try a demo!  T A X I

SLC Mesh Sexy Lace Dress

SLC New Releases, Gifts and more

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N E W   Special Offer  only for == SLC VIP Group ==  Let seduce you to wear this exciting ◊ Gown Petal Luisana black ◊  for only 99 LD; corsage & fingerless gloves are decorated with slightly transparent shiny silver lace flowers; the long skirt in airy lightness has a high leg opening and looks like soft flowing rose petal. The flimsy stocking on the left side and the long pant leg on the right side complete this exclusive ◊ Gown Petal Luisana ◊. Further colors are available for 99 LD, too.

Get it here

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New VIP Group Gift  (One Time Fee L$ 99,-)

Monthly Subscripter gift:

SLC goes Mesh

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SLC Group Serina Lacava is starting with MESH.

Are YOU also ready for MESH too? Be among the first who are wearing a mesh outfit!

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To be able to see MESH clothes, you need

1) a viewer that supports mesh, e.g. or

Other viewers will follow with Mesh ability.

2) You must also be on a SIM that supports Mesh, like Fashion Place. All SIMs on Magnum servers are already supporting Mesh. End of August, all SL will have become meshy.

MESH is a fantastic new way of presenting things in 3D, a further quantum leap into SecondLife. It should be noted, however:

– is only visible by using a viewer of the new generation, that supports Mesh
– can be seen only on a mesh SIM (Fashion Place is already a Mesh-SIM)
– is not for everyone Avatar
– is not matchable to the size and thickness of the Avatar
– therefore we deliver different sizes of clothes in the package
– must be worn with alpha layers
also an alpha layer in the package, which is suitable both for the same dress as the shoes.
– you may have to adjust your shape to achieve an optimal fit of

– Why do I wear a box and not jeans and my body is partially invisible? You are using a non Mesh supporting viewer.
– Why are so many alpha layers in the box? With them you can also wear shoes that require an alpha layer, or you can choose individual mesh, if several of them are in the package (top + pants).
– Why are different sizes in the package? Because Mesh clothing is not resizable.

We hope you enjoy our new MESH-dresses in the fantastic new world of SecondLife.

Available to answer further questions
Sondra Andel

❖∷∷∷∷∷❖ 48 h S L C – Offer ❖∷∷∷∷∷❖

Posted in Dresses, Fashion for women, Special offer on August 17, 2011 by Serina Lacava

for 89 LD (until Wednesday 1 p.m. SLT) =  hot  in  L A C E  ❖❖❖  Beated Dress  ❖❖❖  in beige, lilac or black; with top, enticing V-neckline with lace border, spaghetti straps and flimsy black pattern on front and back side, stockings with/without straps and sexy skirt (prim) with lace seam

Get it here

SLC New Releases & Special Offer 12th August 2011

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•¤**¤•    SLC – LOW for 89 LD (Friday – Sunday)    •¤**¤•

SLC Mainstore

“SPORTS” in 3 cool colors with a lot of possibilities to combine as you like.
The content of  “SPORTS”  =
~ peaked cap with imprint “sexy”
~ hoodie
~ jacket with long sleeves and cuffs
~ tanktop
~ trousers with cuffs
~ hot pants
So much parts to mix and match to look  ¤•¤  sporty  A N D  sexy  ¤•¤  for only 89 LD !!!

• C A M O •  is the new  S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS, only Friday until Sunday, in 3 fasciated camouflage colors (green, pink or black), a sexy top in bikini style with exciting ripped parts, hot pants with belt and matching short gloves. • C A M O •  FOR JUST == 60 LD ==.

SLC Mainstore

♥•✿   Isabella  red  ✿•♥  is the charming  gown for our SLC VIP members for well-prized  ╚»  99 LD  «╝  (only a short time).

The exciting transparent corsage with a low-cut back covers only the ♥ important places ♥ with flimsy lace flowers.
The wide shiny long skirt replicates the lace flowers on the bottom.
Elegant & stylish long  lace gloves complements ♥•✿  Isabella red  ✿•♥ perfectly.

SLC Mainstore

New VIP offer and group gift

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The  ~  N E W ~ SLC Special VIP Offer for amazing ╚» 99 L$ «╝ is called

♥•✿  Gown GLORIA black ♥•✿                                   Get it here

Other colors are available for 399 LD !!!

♥ GLORIA ♥ – an exclusive gown made of pretty soft brocade and printed with unobtrusive roses. The corsage has a wonderful V-neckline décolléte, framed with filigree lace and  a low-cut corded back; the long sleeves were decorated with flimsy cuffs and a white seam; the multilayered wide skirt has white borders, too. This indescribably gown will be yours for only ╚» 99 L$ «╝.

SLC – Group Gift August

Here comes your SLC Group Gift for August = a sexy  ✴✴black-white dress✴✴ = top with spaghetti straps, your cleavage is patterned with a charming flower tendril seam; a cute bow is arranged between your  breast. A longer doll with likewise a wide tendril border and a feathery lace bottom  complete this enchanting dress.

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