What´s new this week @SLC?

WoW! That you have to watch out how your legs look endlessly long by the side, waist-high cut and what creates this dress for a sexy body.
The dresses are available in 7 colours:.

Banner SLC Mesh Twilight Mini DressPIC
SL http://slurl.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20SOUTH/195/241/22

Avination http://avnurl.com/avination/Banshees/67/164/25

For you today on Sale:

A truly unique is our current combination of asymmetric top and asymmetrical skirt. Long or short? It just depends on the perspective 🙂 In different fabrics and 7 colours available:

Banner SLC Mesh Asymmetric Shirt
These exciting and sexy mesh tops move wonderfully with your body. We deliver even several alpha layers which you can use as needed.

And fits to the skirt in different fabrics:

Banner SLC Mesh Asymmetric Skirt
Get them at a bargain prices: The exciting tops and skirts in 7 colours available for a short time at a special price of only L $ 60 each.
An outfit for the happy life in SecondLife and Avination.
SL http://slurl.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20SOUTH/195/241/22

Avination http://avnurl.com/avination/Banshees/67/164/25

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