Our current dress is an eye-catcher at every party…

A low-cut back and sewn lace,  is transparent on the front of the dress in a décolleté to the navel! And these exciting high heels, you’ll love as well.
Your beautiful back is brought back by the low-cut dress to advantage. The dress is made in mesh and therefore has extremely vivid. The beautiful neckline is covered in lace but grants the look on your velvet skin. You can cover your nipples with the included nipple tapes. The mini dress is available in 7 colors:

Banner SLC Mesh Sexy Party Dress

These exciting and sexy mesh dresses move wonderfully with your body.
And we have to fit in: special extremely high heels with laces, which are color-tuned to the clothes and where the magic of the dress pattern repeats. Available in 7 colors:

SLC Heels Lavinia blackPIC SLC Heels Lavinia redPIC SLC Heels Lavinia purplePIC SLC Heels Lavinia pinkPIC SLC Heels Lavinia greenPIC SLC Heels Lavinia blueberryPIC

We deliver even several alpha layers which you can use as needed.
Get it! At bargain prices: The short party dresses in 7 colours and the matching high heels in 7 colours for a short time at a bargain price of only 60 L $ each.
A seductive outfit for going out, a cocktail dress for festive events and exciting time together!
You can find the offer directly here:                                  TAXI  INWORLD

Pleasant stay and cheerful shopping
Sincerely Yours
Serina Lacava


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