SLC New Releases

❀  Gown SORAYA  ❀,  top with spaghetti straps and flimsy black lace on your enchanting décolleté. The both sides of the top have each a wide part of lace, too. On the backside the top is closed with a vertically chain of little clasps. The long floating skirt repeat on the bottom the lace pattern. And the long gloves shows also the lace seam.               SLC Mainstore

★ SLC Santa’s Girl ★ ⦁ ★  the new  S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS • in 2 fasciated colors (gray and green) • a very hot corsage with plush around your upper part, red sexy cording and a hot low-cut back,  the bottom of the corsage is decorated with white plush and cute red bows •  2  arm cuffs with mistletoes and gingerbread-figures makes ★ ⦁ ★ SLC Santa’s Girl ★ ⦁ ★ perfect and the matching net stockings – always slinky  = with or without garter- are patterned with mistletoes and gingerbread figures, too • Hurry up ⦁ only Friday until Sunday ⦁ FOR JUST == 60 LD ==.   SLC Mainstore

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