SLC New Releases & Special Offer 15th July 2011

•¤**¤• S L C – L O W for 79 LD •¤**¤• = “Xceptional” is a sexy dress with a very low cut on back (you show a little bit from your well-formed butt). The dress is patterned with big poppy flowers in bright blue, pink or red and has a V-neckline with spaghetti sleeves. “Xceptional” will delivers with black high heels sandals. This LOW from S L C costs only 79 LD.

Shop here

S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS (only 60 LD) •✿❤✿• Zipper Sandals •✿❤✿• with a very big variety to design YOUR own sandals, e. g. 16 leather colors in buckskin optics, 5 metal colors, 20 nails colors, flat and sooo comfortabe for a long walk on the beach. The “Zipper Sandals” owns a little zipper on back for easy goes on & off and are ups for grabs for only – 79 LD -.

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