SLC Weekend Offers

•¤**¤•  S L C – L O W  for 99 LD •¤**¤•  =  ROSANNA =  in black, lilac or red is an enchanting dress in design of the 60s, accentuate your slim waist with a high-waisted petticoat-skirt, decorated with a long selvedge and bow on back, –  !! 3  !! – sleeveless tops with neckholder in solid, sheer & *** hot *** super sheer and 2 styles of panties

SLC Mainstore

•✿❤✿•  S L C – SIXTY LINDEN-WEEKENDS (only 60 LD) •✿❤✿•   A • skirt design • in a very nifty style and various colors. The mini-skirt in plaid fabric is bias-cut (one side is longer than the other). The black belt with silver buckle is slant arranged, too and decorated with a large cross pendant.

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