Re-Opening SLC Mainstore and Fashion Place

Yeahhhh, we are ready with the sim and the new SLC Mainstore.  We would like to celebrate this with a big, bigger, biggest event.

So come at the 10th October and see our Program:
1:00 am SLT  Fashion Show – SLC casual fashion
4:00 am SLT  Fashion Show – TrendStyle
8:00 am SLT  Fashion Show – SLC Halloween
10:00 am SLT Fashion Show – !RIGHT
11:00 am SLT Live Concert with the gorgeous Carmen Roeth
12:00 am SLT Fashion Show – SLC formal fashion

I know, everybody like gifts *smile*

So i made a puzzle for you. You need to go around the SLC Mainstore and take a look for 5 boxes. If you find all, you will have one of my bestsellers outfit: SLC Xandra. It includes all, what you need:

Dress, boots, bracelett, belt.

Why do you wait? Be quick and get your free outfit. The action is open, however it will end 11th October midnight.

Ohh and of course, we have a live concert too. Be at the Fashion Place at 11 am SLT and see the great Carmen Roeth.

I would like to say a big Thank you to the Stylished Group. All models work hard and i cant wait to see the fashionsshows:-)

Stylished Group

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